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For those that have a need for speed

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Traditionally, trading has been similar to driving a car, thinking we can choose exactly where we go and believing we are in control. The real world is more like… well, a Formula 1 race. Things are moving fast. Very fast. Is it time to drive a semiautomatic?

With increased focus on the volatile intraday markets where results are based on your ability to act quickly to achieve the best price, you need the power and speed of our algorithmic automation tools to handle the volume you trade on Nord Pool or EPEX Spot every day.

Just like changing gears in a race car is very much a semi-automatic fingertip exercise, we offer you and your trading team the most intuitive and user friendly dashboard for creating and testing your strategies, monitoring your trades in live mode, and taking control when necessary.

A better way to trade.

Powel offers a complete algorithmic trading platform which enables rapid design, testing, deployment and refinement of automated strategies that leverage your unique trading techniques.

We work with leading partners and customers to create the best intraday trading strategies and operational environment.

Our solutions offer standard algorithms for trading strategies and the flexibility to build and test new market strategies, either directly in Python or using our unique block coding systems.

As our intraday trading tools connect directly to the markets, you can implement your strategy in live mode immediately and monitor your portfolio in real-time, giving you the control and decision support you need for the best results.


The cloud it is!

Or if you prefer an on premise implementation, this is possible too.

Good alone – great together

We offer Powel Algo Trader and Intraday Trader as a stand-alone or as an integrated solution for optimal results.

The new speed of trading

Let us show you how one source of information provides extremely fast trading within milliseconds to get the best price in the spot market.

Profit from automated trading

24/7 autonomous power spot trading with the ability to take control when you feel the need, using the industry’s most intuitive interface designed for multi-asset, multi-market trading.

Hear from the experts

Henrik Ryman, Intraday Platform Manager at Powel explains the shift in the market and the need for having the insights and decision support in one, intuitive workspace to effectively trade in the Intraday Markets including EPEX Spot, Nord Pool Spot and other markets with open APIs.

You are in good company

For 20 years, Powel has helped its clients with all aspects of multi-asset optimisation with a focus on renewables as well as energy and gas trading in multiple markets.