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Introducing Powel Fibre - a smarter, more efficient way of working
Building and development of fibre networks in today's highly competitive market offers a number of challenges. Not least, the increasing demands for efficiency and speed.
Powel Fibre offers a simple-to-use and smart solution that gives you a solid lead on the competition:
  • Powerful web-based functionality
  • All on the same platform
  • Flexible - designed for you and your way of working
  • More efficient and profitable operation
In addition to working faster and more efficiently during design and documentation of your fibre network, you will also improve your utilisation of resources and capacity. Having a complete overview of projects and project costs helps eliminate existing manual workflows. You get full access to the tools you need to automate web design and calculations, as well as 3D maps that help reduce the need for exploration in the field.
You can log in from anywhere and get feedback from both your team and your customer, as if you were all in the same room.
In short, a perfect, online experience, which gives you all the tools you've previously had on paper or systems, but without the need for duplicate data entry.
Always at your side and digital!

We offer standard software and tailor-made solutions for the telecom and fibre industry. We have the tools that enable you to work faster and smarter. Our goal is to adapt to the market and competition together with you. We have made the technology available in a completely new way, giving you a unique opportunity to get a measurable competitive edge!