How can Powel Fibre help you manage your fibre network smarter?
Save time, save money and edge out the competition with powerful tools in design and network management to maximise time and resources all in one easy-to-use system.
Why GIS?

Powel offers a complete web-based solution for broadband companies throughout Europe. The 3-GIS solution is a unique web-based platform that supports planning, design, maintenance and use of fibre and broadband infrastructure. The complexity of GIS has been removed, which will significantly reduce the time and training needs.


Reduction in design time compared to traditional methods.


Reduction in costs due to design efficiency, fewer re-designs and reduced travel time.

3000 HP

Plan thousands of network endpoints in minutes - not weeks.

"I have always looked to cooperate with innovation partners that create value for the end users. Similarly, investments in IT solutions should create value for fibre companies by providing visible and measurable return on investment. If you spend a lot of resources on data collection for planning and design, you will not be disappointed with Powel and 3-GIS."

The power of a full-editing GIS combined with the ease of use of a web browser.
Seamless mobile integration allows accurate information to be to captured and relayed from the field.
iAM Fibre takes the complexity out of GIS with an easy to use interface that can be customised to a user's specific role.
iAM Fibre can be deployed on-premise or securely in the cloud to support any level of enterprise Fibre Network Solution.